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I'm Okalix and I'm creating the gay adult visual novel 'Daddy Issues'.

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- The Project -
The 'Daddy Issues' project is a passion of mine and something I am developing in my own free time. It is my first visual novel which I started with no previous experience or knowledge in the subject, other than what I think makes a great story. With more time and effort spent on the project, the bigger and better it should become in terms of content amount, image quality and technical advances. To have people like yourself, taking the time to read this and even finding yourself on my page is a huge deal for me and means a lot, so firstly, I just want to thank you for that. Regardless of whether you are able to contribute or not, your appreciation of my work is humbling and greatly appreciated!

- The Story -
As a visual novel, 'Daddy Issues' can be described as a story of a young man's sexual adventures as he explores the mental minefield of gay relationships in the modern world. The story revolves as much around the difficulties of relationships and general adult life as well as the thing that drives most young red-blooded males... sex.

The ups and downs of life are part of what makes this adult visual novel unique and hopefully more engaging and realistic than most. The story starts with the upbeat British protagonist, Jake, as he relocates to America and moves in with his dad's old friend, Nate, and Nate's introvert son, Caleb. In Jake's mind, this is the perfect time to reinvent himself and seek out wild and exciting thrills. However, as with most  things in life, things never usually go quite as planned.

If you have ever struggled with your identity, your sexuality, your contentment, your masculinity, your relationship... then there will be something in this story that you will be able to identify with.

- The Rewards -
'Daddy Issues' will be released in chapters. Once a new chapter is complete, it will be added to the previous chapter(s), filling out the main body of the builds which are released. Every build (or version) that is released, will always be free and linked here on the main page as well as other places dotted around internetland. With your Patreon contributions, however, you will not only be helping to speed up the process of each free chapter release, but you will also receive special rewards as a thank you for your amazing support which you can select based on what you feel financially comfortable with.

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- Finally -
Sincerely, thank you so much for taking an interest in this game. If you haven't already, please check out the current free version of the project at the top of this page and be sure to let me know your thoughts. All feedback is welcome and encouraged as it helps guide my ability as a creator and may even influence the course of the story! 

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- Okalix -

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DaddyIssues-0.03-pc.zip 320 MB

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May I ask how your progress has been?

Will the images on Patreon be used in the VN for those that can't afford to be a patron?

Can't wait until the next chapter. Any idea when it will be released?

When is Chapter 3 coming out? I believe it has been over 4 weeks since it was supposed to come and I keep waiting for it to come for be announced, but it never came.

Hey there, so Chapter 3 is already out for Patrons, and will be out this coming Wednesday for free general release. Apologies that this release was later than I hoped. There has been a big xmas push with my day-job so it slowed the project down. Back on track now though!

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the link for the download is not able to be seen on my pc could you please fix

How about now?

Hey so has the release of Chapter 3 been pushed back or is it being released later tonight?

Hey there, you should be able to see the files now?

thanks Okalix

I like it so far, Richard is so hot :) 

BTW do you have any plans for Android version too? :)

Thank you Pahnrak, at the moment there is no android or ios version... I'm still learning the ropes as far as VN building goes. But I haven't excluded anything for the future.


I'm glad Caleb warmed up to Jake. Now I can't wait until chapter 3. When does it come out for everyone?

Thanks Noir! Glad you're enjoying it. I haven't worked out the date yet. But it will be roughly four weeks from now! You can get it earlier if you're a patron, but four weeks for everyone :)

I'd love to get a Mac version of it pleaaaase ! <3


Hey Roland, so you can actually already get the Mac version on my patreon page; the link is in the main description.... https://www.patreon.com/okalix

Also, if you wait until tomorrow, I will be posting the Chapter Two update so you'll be able to play both! :)

Is chapter 2 longer and bigger than chapter 1?

Hey Luke! Chapter 2 is about the same same as Chapter 1. It's also already available to patrons but goes free for everyone next Wednesday. However, Chapter 3 is twice as big so far!

Deleted 165 days ago

Thank you boboboi, yes it's just me :)

Looks very good, I love the story, but I also love some more ''action'', can't wait for another update, I think I will support you on Patreon :)

Thanks so much Luke! I'd love to have you on board as a patron! More "action" type pics as a reward too so that's perfect. But also, of course there will be more action in future chapters to look forward to!

i gotta say after playing the demo on my Mac I'm really interested to see where the story will go next caleb is such a dick tho if the MC wasn't gonna punch him then i gladly would have he's such a dick lol wonder if hell ever warm up to the MC tho and damn Nate sure is one good looking daddy hope that well get to have some fun with him~ lol but this makes me wonder will you make us get to decide if the MC will top or bottom or will he already have a specific role assigned to him just curious is all but keep up the great work can't wait to find out more ^^ and bring on the NSFW content my body is ready lmao xD

Haha. Loved reading this. So glad you're enjoying it Otakuboyzay! Make sure you follow me here or Patreon so you get the next chapter as soon as it's out. Trust me, I'm excited to get to the NSFW stuff too!!!

oh yea i definitely will follow you so i can get notified when the next update comes out so i can play it on my mac and hell yea bring on the NSFW looking forward to see where you take this but i still am curious tho  will you make us get to decide if the MC will top or bottom or will he already have a specific role assigned to him just curious is all have you given that any thought yet? either way i can't wait to see what happens my body is still ready *rips clothes off* lmao xD

I plan on the MC being vers. ;) In some scenarios, it may also be optional as to which role he plays.

Hehee oooo now I’m really excited knowing the fact that he’ll be verse hehehe can’t wait to see what you’ll end up doing  lol tbh I love Nate I mean who doesn’t love a hot daddy after all can’t wait to watch him top and bottom 🤤😉😍 

I can't wait for chapter two. Jake is hot and I wonder if Caleb will warm up to him.

Thank you NoirAngel21! We will see...

Sounds fun

Thank you!

Oh wow this project actually sounds really interesting I would totally give it a play if I could but unfortunately I don’t have have a PC I only have a Mac and unfortunately I can’t back your Patreon either since I don’t really have the money to buy your project def sounds interesting and good it totally give it a play if I could good luck with your project I hope it goes well and your Patreon as well ^^ 

Hey! Thank you for the kind words. You just reminded me I totally forgot to add the PC and Mac links to my Patreon. Unfortunately I can only add one link here on itch.io so please feel free to visit my patreon page and you can download the Mac version from the main page for free. 

I hope that helps!

From what you have completed so far, this is looking good. I'm looking forward to the future updates, sadly I can't really contribute through patreon unless they let occasional one time donations through. 

Thank you so much KeithWolff! I appreciate the support. As a first time developer, it really means a lot. If you can contribute that would be amazing of you. If you can't, I totally understand. That said, Patreon does let you make one off payments in a sense... You just make your first pledge and cancel your subscription before the next bill date... that will give you access to bonus content and also means you can come and go whenever you like as a patron. I hope that helps.